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Shopify is an incredible ecommerce tool for for small to mid-size businesses. They also offer a wide range of functionality so today we’re providing a round-up of the top resources you need to get the most out of Shopify and utilize it to the max.

The list covers everything from the very basics you need to know to get started, all the way to coding and scripting for advanced design, as well as some marketing and SEO.

So whether you are just starting out, or you’ve been running your store for a while, there’s something for everyone in this post. Let’s dive in!

Getting Started: Shopify 101

This first list of resources is for Shopify beginners who are just starting to get their store setup and ready for launch.

  1. How to Set Up Your First Shopify Store– This article is a great Shopify 101 post on how to sign up, setup a theme, and add products.
  2. How to Point a Domain to Shopify Store– A step-by-step guide from Shopify on how to make sure your store has the right URL.
  3. The Beginner’s Guide to Shopify– Awesome and thorough beginner’s guide from the team at MonetizePros on Shopify pricing, features and how to get setup.
  4. How to Add Tabs to Product Pages in Shopify– A detailed guide on how to add tabs to product pages on your Shopify theme (only works if you have jQuery and jQuery UI).
  5. Launch an Online Store With Shopify– A self-paced online course on how to setup your Shopify store from start to finish. Includes video lectures and a 14-day guarantee.
  6. 7 Things to Check Before Launching Your Shopify Store– A brief checklist on everything you need to do before launching your store.
  7. Up and Running with Shopify– A complete online video course from Lynda on how to launch & setup a Shopify store. Also includes directions on how to setup payment gateways, setup shipping options and implement customizations.
  8. How to Add Collections to Shopify– After you’ve added products, you’ll want to group them into categories. This post shows you how to do just that.

Design & Development: Customizing Your Shopify Store

This list of resources is valuable for anyone who already has Shopify setup and wants to add customization to their store. Anyone from Shopify developers and designers to proficient Shopify users would find these resources valuable.

  1. How to Edit the CSS of Your Shopify Theme– If you’re not a developer and want to edit the code on your Shopify theme then this post is right for you. It shows you how to find the editor for your Shopify theme and how to edit the code properly.
  2. A Web Designers Introduction to Shopify, Part 1– If you’re designing your Shopify store yourself then take a look at this guide. It’s a fantastic introduction on how Shopify theme development works and provides an intro to Liquid, Shopify’s template language.
  3. Getting Started with Liquid – Shopify’s Template Language, Part 2– Part 2 of this guide covers the basics and logic involved in Liquid and how you can populate data into micro templates with data from your online store.
  4. Taking Shopify Theme Development Further, Part 3– The final part of this series covers more advanced segments of Liquid. This is great for developers who are creating highly customized stores.
  5. How to Quickly Add Google Authorship to a Shopify Blog– Google Authorship is important for SEO purposes and this post shows you how you can add that to your Shopify blog in just a few minutes.
  6. How to Add an FAQ Accordion to Your Shopify Store– If you want to include a cool FAQ section to your site then take a look at this post. It provides the assets you need and an easy to follow step-by-step guide on how to implement this on your Shopify store.
  7. Shopify’s Limitations and Weaknesses in Developing a Theme– Good post that covers the limitations involved in creating your own Shopify theme.
  8. Setting up Development Environment for Shopify Themes– Another resource on how you can get started developing a Shopify theme and set up a local test environment.
  9. Shopify Desktop Theme Editor for Windows & Linux– As the title says, this article shows you how you can work on Shopify themes on a Windows or Linux machine.
  10. Shopify Reorder Link– This is a great add-on for people who have repeat customers who tend to make the same purchase over and over again. Implementing the code snippet in this post allows your customers to quickly and easily reorder past purchases.
  11. Using Respond.js with Shopify, Part 1– A post that outlines a technique you can use to get Respond.js to work with Shopify.
  12. Using Respond.js with Shopify, Part 2– An addition to the post above on how to get Respond.js to work with Shopify.
  13. Microdata on Shopify and other Ecommerce Platforms– Optimizing your website with microdata is a great way to get an edge on other online stores. This post outlines why it’s becoming popular and how you can add it to your store.
  14. Shopify Featured Images for Pages– This post includes a piece of code you can use to highlight products at the top of specific pages on your Shopify store.
  15. Show Content Based on Time & Day– This post includes a code snippet you can use to show a specific piece of content depending on the time of day, i.e. “Store is Open Now” during normal business hours.
  16. Shopify Limitations (And Workarounds)– There are a couple of major limitations with Shopify like using it for wholesale purposes, getting granular with product options and variations, and more. This post outlines the limitations you’ll be working with and ways in which you can get around them.
  17. Shopify Cheatsheet– A full list of all of the tags you can use when developing Shopify themes.
  18. Shopify Textmate Bundle– This allows you to use TextMate when developing themes.
  19. Shopify Drop Downs with jQuery Selectbox– How to use the jQuery Selectbox plugin with your Shopify theme so you can make those dropdown menus a lot sexier.
  20. Shopify Tips, Tricks and Resources– Great post that consolidates many code snippets to make mini-improvements to your Shopify theme.
  21. How to Customize Thank You Page– This is great for companies that like to customize nearly every touch point the customer has with your brand. Take a look at this resource from Shopify to see how you can customize your thank you page.

Marketing: Analytics, SEO and More

These resources will help you configure analytics, events tracking, optimize your site for SEO and more.

  1. An Introduction to Google Analytics for Ecommerce– If you’re just starting out then Google Analytics is a perfectly good analytics tool for you to use to measure store performance. This is a thorough guide on how to get it setup and read reports.
  2. Leveraging Google Analytics Event Tracking On Your Shopify Store– This post details how you should be tracking events at the front-end on your Shopify store for proper conversion metrics.
  3. Shopify Site Grader– This tool from Shopify completely audits your site to see if it’s optimized for search and if it meets other technical requirements. Definitely give it a try to see where you fall on the scale!
  4. 5 Shopify Plugins That Every Ecommerce Store Should Start With– A good starter list of plugins you should have for your Shopify store and it includes plugins that help you post your products to social, get email notifications setup, and more.
  5. The Shopify Handbook for New Users– Great guide from Shopify on how you can use Google Adwords, design, branding and more to attract new customers.
  6. Shopify Manual: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 101– Another fantastic guide from Shopify that covers all of the basics you need to know to make your store search engine optimized.
  7. The Ultimate Shopify Users SEO Guidebook– An end-to-end guide on SEO for Shopify that covers the basics and advanced tactics you should be using.
  8. Is Shopify Good for SEO? – An SEO Optimization Guide– For those of you who don’t want to get too advanced with SEO, this short guide covers the basics you should be doing in order to optimize your site.
  9. 3 Ways to Attach SEO on Your Shopify Store in 10 Minutes or Less– Another great and short guide on SEO tips for your Shopify store.
  10. Shopify HTML Email Templates: A Beginner’s Guide– If you’ve never used Mailchimp before then this is for you. This will show you exactly how you can create beautiful email templates in Shopify.
  11. SEO for Theme Designers– A step-by-step guide on everything you should be doing for SEO from a development standpoint while creating your theme.
  12. Most Common Shopify SEO Issues and Tips on How to Solve Them– A must-read to understand the limitations involved with Shopify and optimizing it for SEO and how to work around them.
  13. 13 Amazon Abandoned Cart Emails (And What You Can Learn From Them)– Capturing people after they’ve abandoned their cart is a massive win for conversion rates. This is an awesome post from Shopify on how you should design and format those emails.
  14. 10 Must Know Image Optimization Tips– Compelling product images are everything. This post talks about how you can make sure you can get the most mileage out of your images.
  15.  Why Online Retailers are Losing 67.45% of Sales and What to Do About It– Fantastic post from Shopify that lists 10 ways to reduce shopping cart abandonment as well as other techniques to get people back in the door after they’ve left your site without purchasing.
  16. Ecommerce Pro Tips: Learn From Some of Shopify’s Top Stores– This post shows you what you can learn from some of Shopify’s top stores.
  17. 9 Simple Ways to Write Product Descriptions that Sell– There’s always unique ways to describe your products that is a reflection of your brand, company culture and also helps you rank on search engines. This post shows you how you can accomplish that in a few steps.
  18. 50 Actionable Ways to Build Links to Your Ecommerce Store– A very detailed post on how you can build links back to your site. A must read for anyone focused on increasing organic traffic and growth.
  19. Shopping Cart Abandonment Recovery– How you can easily implement shopping cart abandonment emails via Shopify (without adding any third-party apps).
  20. 5 Ways to Optimize Ecommerce Product Pages for Humans and Search Engines– Another great post from Shopify on optimizing your site for search engines. This one specifically focuses on doing that for product pages.
  21. 19 Ecommerce Marketing Strategies– Great inforgraphic on marketing strategies that work well for ecommerce stores.

Update: One more – A complete Shopify review and guide by Creating A Website Today
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